Application domains

Driving simulators are nowadays present in several new application domains besides the traditional Human Factor studies. Below is a summary of how DSS driving simulator platforms can assist you given your specific requirement to use driving simulators.

Human Factor research


This has been the traditional application domain for driving simulators. To increase road safety levels in countries worlwide, driving simulators have been used as a safe, risk free and controlled environment to analyze drivers reaction to different specially designed driving scenarios. Examples of collected parameters in real time are :

Average speed and speed variation,  acceleration/deceleration, lateral position on the road, distance to center line of the road, standard deviation from lateral position,  distance to other objects (e.g. lead vehicle, crossing pedestrians, …), steering behavior, detection time to objects, reaction time to objects, pedal use, strength and reaction time, traffic violations.

Infrastructure design evaluation


In today's cost and risk minimization culture, road and infrastructure designers can benefit from driving simulators to discover design faults at early stages, hereby minimizing risks and high cost of altering designs at later stages, if possible at all.


In this application domain, CAD based new infrastructure designs are fed into a driving simulator, serving as a driving scenario for real life users to drive through. In this way, road designers can collect feedback about their designs and do any necessary modification before the start of project. Furthermore, optimal road work signaling panels' location and design - in any new project or repair of an existing segment - can be tested also using a our SignSIM solution and our driving simulators.

Driver rehabilitation


Vehicle Control, Reaction Time, Car Following & Divided Attention, Memory, Planning & Navigation, Passing, Gap Judgments & Merging, Hazard Perception are all examples of Driver rehabilitation focus studies. Whether it is to assess renewing a driving licence for elderly or analyzing post stroke driving behaviour, driving simulators offer the perfect risk free and controlled environment to evaluate these driving skills.


DriveSimSolutions offers simulation hardware with adapted instruments for driver rehabilitation purposes, including Carospeed hand control, Smartsteer multifunctional electronic steering control, etc. Ask us for more details through our contact page.



Driving simulators can be used to train target groups on recommended practices in their respective domains. Examples of training possibilities using DSS driving simulators:


- Truck drivers: Training on handling critical loads. Here, a truck based simulator is 

   used taking into account characteristics of the vehicle, view angle, vehicle-

   infrastructure interaction.


Law enforcement: like police staff training on hot pursuits, or simply use the

    training as part of the requirment to obtain a driving licence.