Drive Your Design (DYD)

Drive Your Design or DYD is a service that enables road authorities and road consultancy companies to evaluate new project designs before project execution phase. Our DSS team has developed a set of tools which simplify the conversion of industry standard design formats like Civil AutoCAD 3D into 3D virtual environments which in turn are transformed into driving scenarios. This enables early stage checking for design errors and safety regulation conformity. Test subjects can be chosen from the general population, or design and road safety experts, where feedback is collected and design changes can be made at early stages. This helps to greatly minimize the risks and costs of design errors, otherwise hard or impossible to modify after the project execution phase. 

Target groups:
  • Design and construction firms: Testing designs of new projects, demonstrations during events and exhibitions.


  • Road authorities :                    Testing new designs conformity with safety regulations, public involvement in new project announcements.


  • Academia and research institutes:    Research institutes around the world   working on topics related to the impact of infrastructure design on road safety can use the DYD service.