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Driving Simulator project phases

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Project Requirements
It is often the case that our customers are not aware of  the full capabilities of driving simulators. Therefore our team will assist you in the first step of  matching your goals and expactations with the most suitable solution. Whether you wonder if you need a simulator for training or for research, or not sure which solution is right for you, we will help your project have a correct take off.
Driving Simulators

DriveSimSolutions creates driving simulators  customized to your needs and budget. Speak to our representative and discuss your preferences.


For an overview of different hardware setups, take a look at our simulator products overview page.


 Customized  Solutions


  • DSS designs and supplies fully customized driving scenarios for different types of studies. From custom 3D object development to fully ready driving scenarios.


  • SignSIM : This is DSS solution to enable road regulators to analyse road signage systems design's (location, size,  fonts, colors ..etc) effect on road safety.

  • Integrating different peripherals like eye tracking cameras and EEG sensors into driving simulators and process output data.

Data Analysis




  • DSS developed a set of tools to extract data from a simulator run and make customized reports from this data. These tools are simulator platform independent


  • DSS can as well assist you to analyse your existing data





  • Drive Your Design (DYD): This service enables the conversion of CAD based designs of new projects into virtual drivable scenarios to assess safety aspects of new infrastructure projects before they are executed. 


  • On site training courses for users who do not need to acquire a simulator but still want to benefit from its different capabilities.


  • Training courses on how to match driving scenario design to specific target studies.

  • You want your customized objects (e.g. buildings, road infrastructure, traffic signs, etc.) integrated into your simulation? We  can assist in your 3D object development.