SignSIM is DSS solution for evaluating different road signage designs and assess their effect on road safety. This highly customizable solution enables traffic sign regulators to test different signage designs (position, size, fonts, colors..etc)  in a real road segment. The different design scenarios are integrated into a real replica of the road segments where the sign panels are to be installed. These scenarios are then fed into a driving simulator, from which users feedback is collected and used as a base to choose best performing signage design from a road safety point of view.

Step 1.


A video recording of the subject road segment is done using special vehicle mounted cameras. This special video format will allow later processing stages in order to integrate the virtual signage panels under study.


A similar technology is used by the movie industry in order to integrate special visual effects into real environments.

Step 2.


Obtained realistic video segment from previous step is then processed by integrating sampled points of interest serving as locations of subject panels.

Step 3.


Then different types, sizes of panels and road signage are recreated and then re-integrated into the real video segment. Added panels in this step takes into account curvature degree, elevation and brightness to give as a realistic scene as possible.


Step 3.


The resulting road segment will show a very realistic driving scene with transparent inclusion of road panels subject to the study.


Finally, in order to evaluate this driving scenario, it is fed into a driving simulator, and users can drive in this virtual scenario and their feedback is used to evaluate the effect of different signage designs and locations  on safety measures in this segment.